Solmar Hydro routinely collects hydrographic and hydrodynamic data to aid the environmental science community in managing and monitoring marine habitats.


Example projects we support include contaminated site remediation, water treatment plant outfall studies, benthic habitat characterization, reservoir capacity determination, and FEMA floodplain evaluations.

acoustic backscatter acquisition and processing

surficial sediment classification utilizing remote sensing

crucial for sediment sampling efficiency and spatial recognition

eelgrass + aquatic vegetation surveys

coral reef mapping

sediment classification

backscatter intensity

cap monitoring

sediment mobilization

sediment erosion testing

high-resolution shallow water surveys

floodway morphology

FEMA no-rise memoranda

sand wave migration

dam removal impacts

sediment accretion and erosion impacts

structural-earthen design

environmental impact assessment

operational assessments

location determination

diffuser operational status

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